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Installation and implementation

If you're considering whether to install an irrigation system on your property, there's a lot to consider. But with Down To Earth, you've got nothing to worry about. Our expert technicians are here to help you every step of the way with a variety of services that are sure to fit your needs.

Turn to the irrigation system specialists for all of your watering needs. We'll always take great care of you!


With over 30 years of experience, the technicians at Down To Earth can service and install all brands of  irrigation systems.


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There is no high pressure salesman  at Down To Earth, so give us a call for a no-hassle estimate.

Down to Earth offers FREE estimates and custom designs to meet your unique property conditions. All lawns and planting beds are not created equal. That's why we design and create your system specifically to fit your wants and needs.

Step 1: We will meet at your property to consider your plant type, soil type, water source, water pressure, shade, slope, and any other variables which may affect the finished design recommendations.

Step 2: The Design. No two properties are the same. We take into consideration the unique environment of your property in order to recommend the most cost efficient, water saving products to apply the right amount of water-to the right place-at the right times.  We have available from our suppliers, everything from Smart Controllers to Rain sensors to Large Rotor Heads to tiny drip products to achieve that goal. Our detailed design will show how we've selected those products for your unique situation so you can rest assured that your landscape investment will remain vibrant no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Step 3: The Installation. Our trained installers will use the most current trenchless installation methods to minimize disturbance to your property. We'll call to have the utilities located prior to our arrival to avoid damage to underground lines. When we're done, we'll set the system to run at the right times so you don't have to worry abour your landscape receiving the proper watering. After completion we even supply an "as built" blueprint of your installation for you. We'll also keep a copy for our Service Technicians to refer to for quick follow up service needs. This saves you money in the future.

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